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Team Buses

What makes our team transportation unique?

Everyone wants to enjoy traveling with other people. Taking a trip as a team gives you more time to discover new things. You get time to know more about each other. Members spend this time to improve their teamwork. Such an experience needs to be fun and relaxing. All members need to be comfortable. At our company, we are committed to giving you a special feeling about team transportation. Our modernized team buses have features that facilitate luxury as you travel. Here are some features in our buses that promote this experience:

• Television in the buses- Out team buses have a well-placed elevated television screen. Customers that travel with us watch to kill time as they travel. On top of this, they can watch on different viewing angles.

• Public address system- Our shuttles facilitate important announcements among your members. The public address system in our team buses ensures all members get the right information as they travel. It is loud and clear.

• Wheelchair lift- Our team buses have different lifts including the interior lifts. Any member using a wheelchair can easily access our coaches.

• Emergency windows- All shuttles are required to have an emergency window. Have your mind at peace as you travel in case of an emergency. We abide by the regulations.

• Luggage racks- Our team buses guaranteed enough storage for your luggage. Our shelves give you an easy time to store your luggage. You can also access it quickly as you travel

• Air conditioner outlets- At our company, we ensure our clients can control the pressure of the air conditioners. As you travel, you can increase or decrease the pressure.

• Good lighting- The source of light in our buses improves your travel experience. You are at liberty to read your favorite magazine or a novel. If that is what it takes you to enjoy your trip, we have installed good lighting to serve that purpose.

• Curtains- Our interior is characterized by elegant curtains. We match them with the color of the buses’ seats.

• Fast Internet- Enjoy surfing as you travel. No need to worry about data charges. Our team buses have free and fast Wi-Fi for our customers.

When planning for team transportation, consider the amenities during travel. With the above features, Our Company gives you a unique travel experience. Organize trips for your team with us.

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